Thread: An appreciation for the "other" Fleetwood Mac :)

carlosofcoronado - 3/23/2006 at 05:20 PM

I have been listening to several of the Buckingham-Nicks era tracks, and thinking, what really fine work, both vocally and musically.

Sara, Silver Springs, and Second Hand News all feature some really fine work. I wonder if Peter Green ever looks and says, "not bad for a band I gave birth to"

Carlos "Buckingham is an underrated picker" Rivera

johnwott - 3/23/2006 at 05:39 PM

the band was changing before buckinham/nicks joined.

Both Chrissy and Bob Welch brought more of a pop sensibility to the group.

The Buckingham/Nicks era is my least favorite of the line-ups but
they made some good Pop Music.

PeterNelson - 3/23/2006 at 06:03 PM

Given the fame of the Nicks-Buckingham lineup, I was hoping "the 'other' Fleetwood Mac" meant the original lineup. Given your history of Fleetwood Mac posts, though, Carlos, I should have known "other" meant other than Peter Green.

Otherwise, no comment. Okay, just one. Some of Lindsay Buckingham's guitar playing is tasteful, as opposed to awesome, but when he does try to crank it up, it seems jittery and aimless. My aural impression is partly augmented by seeing how Lindsay's picking hand is utterly unanchored and flails kinda spastically at the strings. The shorter, simpler playing--maybe it's plotted out ahead of time--seems apt for its pop context and usually improves the song.

Peter "Green Allmanishi" Nelson

brofan - 3/23/2006 at 06:46 PM

The Buckingham-Nicks LP on Polydor is a lost classic. It really needs to reissued on CD, if it hasn't already.

Rusty - 3/23/2006 at 07:07 PM

Personally, I think Buckingham has great mechanics and technique and a style of playing pretty much all his own. I think that Christine Perfect-McVie was overlooked as a vocalist in favor of the "Belladonics" of her former female bandmate. But I still prefer the Peter Green-Jeremy Spencer-Danny Kirwin eras of 'Mac.

BigDaveOnBass - 3/23/2006 at 07:08 PM

I also dig LB's playing. There, I said it.

otherhandmer - 3/23/2006 at 07:41 PM

I've alway's thought of Fleetwood Mac as two completely seperate bands, the Peter Green era rockin/blues band and the Buckungham/Nicks/Christine Mac pop band. They are so dissimilar in every way (except for the Fleetwood and the Mac), that I can't think of them as the same band. I love both eras and the Rumors album is one of my all time favs. Living in Phoenix, I've had the pleasure of seeing Stevie (solo) and the Mac several times in the late 90's and early 00's, and they're never less than great.

Oh yeah, Buck's picking on Don't Stop is pretty fantastic (at least to my uneducated ears and taste)

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musichick3 - 3/23/2006 at 07:45 PM

I like both of 'em, but I like the original English band best

carlosofcoronado - 3/23/2006 at 08:00 PM

Pete signed off:
"Peter "Green Allmanishi" Nelson"

I wonder if Duane ever had a stage prop called Harold?


Carlos "and did Spencer ever make a reference to peanut butter or crabs?" Rivera

goldtop - 3/23/2006 at 08:07 PM

Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac is

bluedrummer - 3/23/2006 at 09:28 PM

Then Play On...

dutchoneill - 3/23/2006 at 10:38 PM

I would say that I saw just about every incarnation of the band, except for maybe a year or two in the eraly 70's when Jeremey and Danny were still in the band.
The PG version is still my favorite lineup. But the Bob Welsh lineup was very trippy in its own way.

I saw the first tour by the Buckingham/Nicks lineup of the Mac at the old Capitol Theater in Pasaic, NJ in 75 or 76, I forget when that album came out. With Procol Harum opening to a 1/3 full house it was a great place to be that night.

That initail tour played respect to the other incarnations of the band. Lindsay was very loud and at times very heavy in his playing, especially So Afriad which was incredible. They did some Bob Welsh songs and the newer stuff.

After that I lost interest in that lineup.

pixielf - 3/23/2006 at 10:45 PM

Then Play On...

Say no more! What a masterpiece!

finsky - 3/24/2006 at 01:06 AM

heh, the title of this thread is kinda funny.

Usually, whenever I disuss the "other" FMac with a person....we are usually not on the same page.

jersey_devil - 3/24/2006 at 01:07 AM

The only "real" fleetwood mac is the one with peter green.

oh well....

brofan - 3/24/2006 at 02:51 AM

For me the best era of the Mac is just before the Californians joined. Bare Trees is an amazing album showcasing some of Christine's finest work.


Actually this one did contain a Californian...Bob Welch.

Bare Trees was a real good record-had some of Danny Kirwin's best playing and tunes on it and the non-sappy version of Welch's Sentimental Lady on it.

PeterNelson - 3/24/2006 at 10:53 AM

Pete signed off:
"Peter "Green Allmanishi" Nelson"

I wonder if Duane ever had a stage prop called Harold?
Hi, Carlos! What are the stories behind Harold? The closest I can think of is that dopey Iron Maiden mascot, but that can't be right.
Oh yeah, Buck's picking on Don't Stop is pretty fantastic
Otherhandmer, that's exactly the main song that came to mind when I wrote that Lindsay's playing can be tasty and "seems apt for its pop context and usually improves the song." If I never hear "Don't Stop" again, I'll survive, but I always perk up at that solo--very nice and to the point.

Peter "Seeing the World through Rose-Colored Bob Welch Glasses" Nelson

carlosofcoronado - 3/24/2006 at 01:28 PM


Wasn't "Harold" the name they gave to the large rubber......attachment ?


Carlos "Stop breaking down: my face turned cherry red" Rivera

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