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fschiazza - 8/16/2002 at 11:49 PM

...on calling "Dreams", "Dreams I'll Never See"?!?!?

Does that bother anyone else? I mean, nobody calls "Wild Horses", "Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away", or "And It Stoned Me", "And It Stoned Me To My Soul"


Pam - 8/16/2002 at 11:55 PM

Some people just don't know any better.
I have heard this with lots of titles. Or even total incorrect titles sometimes and you don't even realize what song they are talking about. People just pick the chorus line.

fschiazza - 8/17/2002 at 12:03 AM

It's like "Melissa" being called "Sweet Melissa"... Another one that burns me.

Dino - 8/17/2002 at 12:06 AM

Trying to figure out what you're talking about as I listen to "Teenage Wasteland", by The Who ....

CliffnTina - 8/17/2002 at 12:32 AM

Or that one song by Zappa, ya know?

onewayout - 8/17/2002 at 12:46 AM

As long as you know what the correct title is, does it really matter what someone else says or thinks? I really don't see this as a "steam me" post. The world is full of ignorance.....

Benjamin - 8/17/2002 at 12:48 AM

Just looking at recent forum posts as I sit here listening to "Tied to the Whipping Post" (hehe...) - that's another one that I seem to hear whenever I mention the Allman Brothers

T-town - 8/17/2002 at 01:01 AM

Folks will be Folks i guess. I, at a time, have felt your frustration though. I have an old friend who does **** like that all the time, and he also makes up different lyrics to songs. It used to piss me off, but you really got to love 'em. Peace.

SouthernMan - 8/17/2002 at 01:58 AM

Fschiazza, when Molly Hatchet covered Dreams on their first album, they either were mistaken as to the name of the Gregg Allman/ABB song title, or perhaps Epic records got the song title wrong. But the version of Dreams on the Molly Hatchet album, being as it is such a different interpretation, I feel it is only fitting that the song was retitled as "Dreams I'll Never See". And by the way, I think Dreams I'll Never See, is by far, the best song that Molly Hatchet did, period. In second place I would put Gator Country. And yes, Molly Hatchet was riding the Southern Rock band wagon, imitating and borrowing from many bands. But they did make two decent albums, the self titled Molly Hatchet, and then Flirting With Disaster.

But don't get me wrong. I am not a big MH fan. I actually saw them twice without Danny Joe Brown, and I did not like the music. Molly Hatchet was back then in 1981, and probably still is, LAME in the live element, and they could do nothing insofar as ellaboration, or improvisation. They just played live and that is it. And what is even worse, it appears that Danny Joe Brown couldn't even seem to think up a new comment for most every show. I have heard in the shows that I got how he repeated the same stupid comment over and over. And on a related note, it is like Gregg Allman asking the audience, "Can ya'll hear allright?" But Gregg and Dickey, Duane, Berry, everybody in the abb, could at least think on their feet.

But I dig MH's version of Dreams. I love that thumping mean bass solo and very convincing vocals by DJB. Oh, and for those who do not know, DJB- the vocalist split Molly Hatchet after the first two albums, and then came back after about two more albums, but the band could never really put it back together again.

And guitarist Dave Hlubeck became a big cocaine addict, and honest to god, I actually read many years afterwards how Dave was detailing cars here in town for like $5 an hour. And the article was how he had gotten clean and off drugs. I think he got back into some other band, or maybe a few, but I don't think he got back into Molly Hatchet.

Oh, and Molly Hatchet is from my hometown, as is Lynyrd Skynyrd. They both came out of Jacksonville, Florida. Skynyrd was ahead of MH by about 10 years, so please do not link the two very closely. Please! Skynyrd's first singles came out in 1968. Molly Hatchet got a record deal in, or a record was released in 1978, one year after the deaths of Ronnie Van Zant and Steve Gaines, basically after Skynyrd was dead.
*[Edited on 8/17/2002 by SouthernMan]

diamondjim - 8/17/2002 at 02:16 AM

good post, southernman!

fschiazza - 8/17/2002 at 06:27 PM

Personally, I HATE Molly Hatchet... "Flirting With Disaster" is a good song, but it's my opinion that they are one of the main reasons that the popularity of Skynard, the Allmans and Marshall Tucker (the only 3 real good "Southern Rock" bands of the era) has suffered over the years...

They combined what they thought to be the best elemens of southern rock (the "whiskey-cowboy with an attitude" and the long guitar jam), and they turned it into a parody. Hearing some guys sing "Whiskey Man", or "Gunsmoke" while everyone solos is extremely tedius.

Molly Hatchet and the Outlaws did for Southern Rock what bands like Silverchair and Bush did for alternative... They killed it.

SouthernMan - 8/17/2002 at 07:51 PM

Personally, I hate Flirting With Disaster, but that was one of the band's biggest hits. When I say that FWDisaster is a good album, the emphasis is on "for Molly Hatchet". And I said in this thread that Molly Hatchet was not legitemate. I have a record where Molly Hatchet even played Freebird. And then I have live recordings where they covered songs that Skynyrd was covering, songs like Crossroads, or perhaps it was T For Texas. Yes, I think we can safely say that Molly Hatchet destroyed southern rock music for at least a decade. Molly Hatchet was not a great band, and then the guys in the band were even less commited to their music and to each other. Molly Hatchet was only in it for the money. I think it is also really fascinating how the band continues to be in existence. It just doesn't seem to matter who is playing in the band. Rock bands too often nowadays only seem to become vehicles for any "Johnny Van Zant come lately" to have careers. People don't want to let go of the past, of memories, of something tangible wherein they can have some sort of participation. Ok, nuff said. [Edited on 8/17/2002 by SouthernMan]

Rusty - 8/18/2002 at 02:43 AM

...on calling "Dreams", "Dreams I'll Never See"?!?!?

Does that bother anyone else? I mean, nobody calls "Wild Horses", "Wild Horses Couldn't Drag Me Away", or "And It Stoned Me", "And It Stoned Me To My Soul"


In high school I would cringe when people spoke of Jethro Tull or Lynnyrd Skynnyrd as though they were a person rather than a band. "Are ya'll goin' to go see Jetrho Tull? I just love his music".

jcb - 8/18/2002 at 07:07 AM

Molly Hatchet still tours. No original members left in the band.

I wouldn't lump The Outlaws in with Hatchet, at least not the original band. The jingoism didn't kick in until later after personnel changes caused the band to run out of gas.

Frankly, I think Charlie Daniels did more to kill southern rock at the time than either of those bands. Cliche filled good old boy songs that became hits. No surprise other bands tried to copy that formula.

fschiazza - 8/18/2002 at 08:14 AM

I hear you man... It's like when someone sees Darius Rucker and says "Oh! It's Hootie!"

Good point about Charlie Daniels... His "The South's Gonna Do It Again" is the exact type of genre-specific song that defines, then KILLS that genre... Then again, I don't think anyone here could really have expected Southern Rock to have lasted very long. It was too different for it to have lasted very long.

SouthernMan - 8/18/2002 at 07:32 PM

Charlie Daniels used to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Look at the photo on the back of Gimmie Back My Bullets and in the sand, Artimus Pyle scratched CDB. I think it is also on an album, by MTB or CDB where the band noted that they considered Lynyrd Skynyrd "kin" or family. And I have a live Outlaws record that is dedicated to Lynyrd Skynyrd after the plane crash. Toy Caldwell was a friend and a fan of the Lynyrd Skynyrd band. The Outlaws used to play with Lynyrd Skynyd. Skynyrd toured with CDB. I think CDB is by far a more unique band than Fsciazza realizes. There are many old CDB records out there. I really am not a big fan of the band, but I can say that they had their own style. I know I don't listen to the band, but at least they were more original than Molly Hatchet. I rank Molly Hatchet right up there with 38 Special. Neither band would ever have gotten a record deal, or several record deals, had it not been for the ABB, Skynyrd, MTB, all of them coming before them. And MTB was not that commercially successful. Peace

Marley - 8/18/2002 at 11:16 PM

It bugs me, too. The name of the song is Dreams, period. I've seen a few reviews and compilations where Revival is given the extra title "(Love is Everywhere)". What's the deal here? Do the authors think the audience is too stupid to know what the song is called unless they give you the lyrics?

Marley - 8/19/2002 at 01:02 AM

Naw, I realize that, I'm just having a little fun with it. I do think labels/whomever should leave the song titles as is, though -- they were generally picked for a reason. And sometimes it's important -- Voodoo Chile and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) are different pieces of music, you don't want to be confusing those.

Stephen - 8/20/2002 at 12:27 PM

Interesting thought, it must have been the followups to their first album or two that lead folks to say that bands like Molly Hatchett & the Outlaws killed "southern rock." I don't see it that way, but I've also never understood the term "southern rock." Whether from orth, south, east or weat it's all rock n roll. I consider bands like Skynyrd, Hatchett, the Outlaws to be hard rock. I like all of it. The Outlaws' first album is immense, and most peple seem to like Molly Hatchett's first couple of records.
Yes he's from the south, unabashedly so, but Charlie Daniels' music goes beyond the redneck good old boy sound. Belying its title, Redneck Fiddlin' Man is amazing in how it includes most every genre of music. Twin Pines (Heaven Could Be Anywhere) is a real heartfelt ballad. Charlie rocks -- he's awesome.
Yes there will always be a level of innocent ignorance when it comes to this stuff of artists being pigeonholed into a certain category -- like the Allmans being called a "southern rock band." Goodness that's the height of it.
Have a great day everyone out there in ABB Forumland.

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