Thread: Yes, I really am conducting test!!!!!nothing here!

Lissajess - 6/7/2014 at 10:03 PM

[color=red][size=3] Wake up ..........

Lissajess - 6/7/2014 at 10:05 PM

This color is red Shut up! This color is red (Colored Text)

Lissajess - 6/7/2014 at 10:07 PM

Little Richard

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benulliman - 6/7/2014 at 10:10 PM

why do people do this... it just buries good threads

Lissajess - 6/7/2014 at 11:23 PM

benulliman, I am technically computer challenged. I trying to learn how to do some on the things with text on the site. I have not accomplished my goal yet, this is where the site recommends that we do this.

benulliman - 6/8/2014 at 05:33 AM

ahh carry on then!

Lissajess - 6/22/2014 at 08:49 PM

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