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allmanfan21 - 10/24/2012 at 11:57 PM

I am currently taking a business law course at the local community college. We have to do a group assignment and present it at the end of the semester to the class. Here's what the assignment is about:

Horace Grump is an ornery, reclusive bachelor, 80 years old, with a drinking problem. He owns a successful cattle ranch in the Southwest. Six months ago he fell off his horse resulting in fractures to both legs and a head injury. While he has recovered enough to get around with the aid of a walker, Horace realizes that he is no longer capable of managing his huge ranch by himself.

Horace trusts no one but he reluctantly contacts Betty Samaritan, his 17 year old niece, and asks if she would relocate from the East Coast to help him manage the ranch. Horace tells Betty that he will take care of her and remember her in his will.

Horace also tells Betty that he has been in a 20 year feud with his neighbor because his pigs sneak onto Horace's property and raid his beloved strawberry garden. Horace wants Betty to promise him that she will shoot any pigs caught in his strawberry garden.

Betty enjoys living on the East Coast and is attending nursing school at a community college. Betty is concerned about her Uncle Horace but she remembers family stories about his eccentric behavior. Betty is also concerned with Horace's vague promise of care, her moving expenses, completion of her education, compensation, management responsibilities, living arrangements, what will happen to the ranch if her uncle dies, and a whole host of other uncertainties.

In the assignment, we have to include the 7 elements of a valid contract, which are Offer, Acceptance, Consideration, Valid Parties, Legal Purpose, Meeting of the Minds, and Time Sensitivity.

How would someone draft a contract like this? I'm just asking for some ideas, that way my group and I can get started and it will be easy to come up with other ideas of our own as well. If anyone can help me out, I'd appreciate it, Thanks.

mujisafto - 1/21/2014 at 05:27 AM

a difficult one

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